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Salem NH: Map and directions

Derry NH: Map and directions

Outdoor and Indoor Playgrounds:

Wonder Years offers two outdoor playgrounds that separate the older and younger children. Each playground is equipped with age appropriate toys and plenty of shade. Anytime we go outside to play the children are fully sun screened, and they have access to water bottles and bathrooms anytime they need it.

When the weather isn’t cooperating enough to go outside to play, Wonder Years has access to a multi purpose indoor room that is converted into a playroom for each classroom to enjoy playtime outside their classroom.

Secured Building:

Wonder Years makes sure the security of your child is taken care of. Parents can only gain access to our building through one main entrance. Each parent is given a unique code that allows them access to the building. Codes can be removed from our system at any time to ensure the highest level of security.

Lunch Program:

Wonder Years offers a hot lunch program that is provided by a local deli. Romano’s (Salem) and Blue House Pizza and Subs (Derry) provide a hot lunch each day delivered fresh to the building. The menu includes pizza, pasta and meatballs, chicken fingers and French fries, and hot dogs. The cost of the program is $2 per day. Included in your regular tuition, Wonder Years provides whole milk for the children to drink during lunch and snack time.