Preschool and Pre-K

Wonder Years is committed to providing quality care with a strong emphasis on curriculum.  We introduce your child to their first curriculum in our preschool rooms.  We offer two preschool classrooms to make sure that our preschoolers are introduced to the program at the pace that is right for them.

All children are encouraged to strive to the best of their abilities.  The nurturing of self esteem and strong social skills increases children’s readiness to take the next step in the learning process.

The preschool program will challenge your child each day with story time, language, math, writing and reading, along with a full compliment of arts and crafts, music, and gross motor activities.  Each week our teachers will post their curriculum to share with the parents.  You will know what songs they are singing, what books they are reading, and every challenge they will be faced with.  We feel this will help you continue the education process at home.  At your request, we will work with your child’s potty training with our child size toilets.  We have no restrictions of classroom advancement based on potty training.  When they are ready, we will be too.

Our preschool ratio for three year olds is 8 children for every teacher, and for four year olds the ratio is 12 children for every teacher in the room.