Wonder Years is incredibly proud of the success we have had with our Kindergarten program.  We feel that first grade preparation is a task that takes great teachers and a commitment to challenging the children on a daily basis.  We feel the full day kindergarten program prepares the child for the challenges of the full day of the first grade.

Our program focuses on language, math, science and social studies preparation.  Our curriculum will challenge the students each day with new and exciting activities.  We have had numerous first grade parents come back to let us know how well prepared the Wonder Years children are at the next level.

The curriculum is posted on a weekly basis to share with the parents.  You will know what books they are reading, what songs they are singing and what challenges they are facing on a daily basis.  Optional “homework” is offered for parents who want activities that they can work on with their children at home.  Our entertaining “graduation” show is an annual treat that really proves how much our students have grown.  Every year the show is crowd favorite.

Our Kindergarten Program includes:

  • A language rich environment that expands your child’s vocabulary and verbal skills.  We follow the “Building Blocks” Language Program.
  • Hands on Science and Math activities that encourage further discovery and exploration.  Our Kindergarten classes follow the “Everyday Math” Program.
  • Art and Music activities that expand their creativity.
  • Language arts that develop a beginning love of reading.
  • Social Skills that will help your child interact positively with others.

Our kindergarten classroom has a ratio of 15 students to 1 teacher in the room.