Wonder Years customizes the infant program 100% to the parent and child’s needs and wants.  We will continue the same loving caring environment you create for your child at home.  You will instruct our teachers of your desires for an eating and sleeping routine, and we will ensure they are executed.

We communicate with you using our Daily Sheets.  Each day you will have a full debriefing of your child’s day, including when they slept, what and when they ate, when they were changed and what activities they may have been involved in.

Our ratio is 4 babies to every teacher in the room.  In addition to this ratio we have a “floater teacher” available for any additional times during the day when an extra set of hands is needed. We believe that from the moment of birth learning begins.  Our infant program provides a wonderful variety of experiences for your baby: A safe comforting environment, individual loving attention and play activities that help your baby explore, discover and learn.